Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Gold is the new Platinum!!!

Rick Ross's "Trilla" debuted at the #1 spot, selling 198,000 units last week. Ross's 2006 album "Port Of Miami" also debuted at #1, moving 187,000 copies.

Snoop Dogg came in at #3 this week overall, selling 137,000 copies of his new album "Ego Trippin'," which has been fueled by the top ten single "Sensual Seduction". "Ego Trippin'" marks snoops lowest debut ever.

Fat Joe's "Elephant in the Room" claimed the #6 spot overall, but was significantly behind Ross and Snoop, selling 46,000 its first week.

It seems that major label sales are at all time low. Fat Joe only selling 46,000 units? for a indie artist that is great but for any major label artist that is horrible, and for Fat Joe? wow!! Even Snoop selling 137,00 is nuts, he should be selling hundreds of thousands more in the first week.