Sunday, June 29, 2008

New Nas !!!!!!!!!!

Grunge gave me a copy of it yesterday on my trip to San Jose. On the ride back i peeped it out.. I am extremely pleased with what Nas did on this, thoughtful lyrics, and the choice of production is dope. I haven't heard a record in a minute except for the Sick Jacken Vs Dj Muggs album, where almost every beats was on point and fit the album. Having a ear for a album as a whole is very important, alot records today are more focused on how many bigtime producers you can fit on a record. I heard tracks thats labels bought for 10 grand mainly for the name, and the beat was a throw away, on some 2 bar spinners loop. Nas really put the production on record together like a puzzle. 'Hero" is the single and the beat gave me that tingle down my spin. YEEEEEAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!