Monday, August 18, 2008

Rock The Bells

On Saturday Boac & i headed out to Mountain View to check out Rock The Bells and see what there deli platter was looking like. We got there early got our all access wrist bands (this is a huge perk, being able to roll where ever we wanted , ins & outs, the whole 9). The backstage area was packed with so many legends in the game.
Red & Meth's live performance was amazing!! Thoses 2 guys have great energy on stage!
my Iphone died at around 6pm so i coulded get any pics or A.T.C.Q live or me getting the blessing from the godfather, Arika Bambaataa, who was a real nice guy and very greatful to get a free copy of Sneak Preview but i did get a shot of the vip trash bin, lololol!! The only thing that was wack,the SanDisk call and response with the crowd at the end of the night, I thought the 500 SanDisk banners placed all over the venue did the job bu they were going for the gusto.
Samsung did the same thing, asked Conceit to hype up their new phone, when they booked us for a New Years Party in New York, but the whole crowd doing a SanDisk chant? WOW!! the sound was pretty shitty, so i dont think the crowd even knew what they were yelling, but i'm sure the footage will make the new SanDisk commercial. lol!
Biz execs always stick out like a sore thumb at theses type of events. A group of middle ages cats rocking Ed Hardy with watermelon margaritas with artist passes. Not the all access passes that we got, but the one that Rakim and De La Soul have.. funny shit...King for a day i guess...