Sunday, August 24, 2008

EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD :: V Necks Remix by: Dnae Beats

The first of many exclusive remixes, instrumentals & songs only found here!!
After checking back a few hours after originally posting, i noticed how many downloads it got, so here is the story on the remix so all the listeners have the inside scoop.
215 TFK is Buddy Leezle & Cerebral Vortex, who together are "The Freshest Kids" Their last release "Cafe De Phresh" was produced by Scott land's Rustie, who has in the last few months really blown up overseas, signing with Warp Records, witch is cream of the crop in terms of electronic music. "V Necks" in my ears was the highlight Mochipet's last release "Microphonepet" released on his own personal label, Daly City Records. So i decided to remix it.
I remixed the song right after Microhonepet, but let it gatter dust for a few months, due the release of Sneak Preview i had to put alot of things on hold, because i had to focus on that release. I played it for 215 TFK right after i made it and they both went ape shit about it, so this morning as i drink my morning coffee, i remember this one kid who came up to me after the in store on Friday, mad hyped about the podcasts and instrumentals so the energy came to finish it up and give to all my blogger folks & and that young rellish..Enjoy!!
FREE DOWNLOAD :: 215 TFK - V Necks (Reptilian Hybrid Remix) - produced by: DNAE BEATS