Saturday, April 18, 2009


Thats The Blap 8 was HUGE, Everybodies sets where amazing, thx to everybody who made it happen!!! B.Cause served up the illest mix of random gems ranging from Skream to Mac Dre to King Tubby, Then Quitter served up a some madness, getting the dancefloor moving, Psalm One & I did our thing, i dropped a handful of low end blappers on the crowd while Psalm One spit verse after verse, after we finnished the crowd was hyped!!!! Lazer Sword hit the stage and took the party to a whole different street. THEY SLAYED IT!!! Bogl & Dials wrapped up the night spinning some real nasty dubstep tunes!!! A great night!!!

The guy below was super on gurp mode, tripping of some very pyschy stuff! He kept on looking at himself in the mirror and said "OHHHH SHIIITTTT MAAANNYEEEE" soo funny, I could only imagine what he was seeing. Shortly after this pic her tried to exit thru the 2nd floor fire escape, after failing the owner of the club personally kicked him out.
I had to snap the photo!